About Us

C.R.E. Construction is a full-service remodeler and custom home builder, since 1994.

-- Linda Berger

For over 20 years, our business thrives on the challenge of finding creative solutions to remodeling dilemnas. Whether it's updating a kitchen, designing a second story addition, renovating an entire home, or new construction, we are committed to providing spaces that thrill our clients.


Our main concern is delivering the quality results you envision for your custom home or house remodel. From your home's overall style to the smallest interior detail, our team of new home construction and remodeling professionals works to create new space that looks as though it's always been a part of your home - only better.


We believe in forming a direct relationship between you and your residential construction or home remodeling contractor, the person overseeing the project day-to-day. This relationship ensures that shared expectations and desired results for your home renovations or construction are communicated every step along the way.


Our prices reflect our value-oriented ideals - we offer high-quality, high-end, professional work while focusing on efficiency. Our experience and teamwork enable us to be intuitive and efficient.


With us, you see visible progress with each workday. Watch as your vision jumps from paper blueprints to a well-constructed reality.